on Saturday, May 25, 2013
Cryptorsatan/Earhead`2012`Blasphemovs Pornoccvltvs

Band: Cryptorsatan | Earhead
Album: Blasphemovs Pornoccvltvs
Genre (s): Black Metal | Noise
Lyrical theme (s): Antichristian Themes, Blasphemy
Country: Albania
Year: 2012
Type: Split
Label: Self-released
Server/Format/Size: Mediafire | mp3@CBR | 99MB

1. Bleeding the sky....Demons on My Cave
2. Pornogoatslaying

3. Jesus Sucks Satan's Cock
4. Satan Is My Friend, Not A Fuckin' Jewish
5. I Hate...
6. And I am the Devil
7. The Day That I Hanged Myself
8. I am a pedophile
9. Jesus "The Sheep Fucker" Christ
10. For Taxidermia
11. Tiger, Tiger
12. Heavenly Lies
13. An The World Will Burn up In Flames